7 lessons to learn from bad bosses

Go ahead that being a head of an organization is not an easy task. However, a number of requirements must be met that not all managers achieve.

For this reason, the teams do not yield, the productivity is low and the image of the company is not positive on the part of the internal employees. Can you learn from bad bosses?

7 lessons to learn from bad bosses1. Learn to listen

A bad boss has a habit of not listening. If you encounter a being who knows everything and never accept a suggestion, we learn to do just the opposite: meet the opinions of others without thinking that are not valid.

2. Learn from mistakes

We were all wrong. That maxim is universal, except for bad bosses. Your mistakes are the responsibility of others. While the team’s successes are quickly adopted as their own merit. From the mistakes one learns, above all to develop humility.

3.Review negative VS realistic view

They can not help it. They will draw the negative side from everything. An idea.From a new project. Of everything that implies change. From this, we can learn to face the new with curiosity and with a more positive or realistic disposition. Without taking for granted that it will harm us.

4. Egocentrism

Yo-yo. I. A bad boss can only speak of his achievements. Real or fictitious. In the past and in the present. They are often not accompanied by a lesson or experience that will serve as learning for the rest.

Learn not to focus on our successes and yes in what is learned in each work or life experience, will improve in our work and in our relationship with peers.

5. Allergy to training

A bad boss knows everything. Or so he thinks. With the risk that entails. You do not need to learn or improve. What works should not be touched.

Therefore they are allergic to innovation, even if it goes hand in hand with a possible improvement. The best lesson we can learn from this behavior is that in this life we are learning to the end.

6. Patience

A bad boss can become a torment for us, or an incentive to develop patience. Over the years, experiences, we learn that before toxic people or with an infinite ego, it is better not to be disturbed. Patience will make us make decisions in a less impulsive way in the future.

7. Shouting is not synonymous with leadership

Bad bosses think that arguing is synonymous with gaining respect. Shout like being a good leader. And ridicule, a source of pride.

While the reality is that who raises his voice shows insecurity. Losing the stirrups in front of the workers or facing a situation, will only show us as a weak person of character.


The first question that arises is can motivate a team with a leader who is not committed to the company and its workers?

Can a basketball team or soccer perform at their best without a good coach?

But from all the circumstances one learns. Even of the negatives. A bad boss can be the example of what we should do neither as a worker nor as future bosses.

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