Why spring is a good time to check your drains

Spring is an important time. Not only are we glad to shake off the cold and stormy winter weather but it’s a good time to sort out those niggles around the property. Winter can cause increased risks from damage and blockages occurring in our drains. As we get ready for a spring clean, it’s a good time to factor in some drain maintenance too.

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Look for any signs of damage and see if things are functioning as they should be. Are drains emptying slower than normal or is there an unpleasant odour you can’t shift? It is a sensible idea to have the pipes examined by a professional. Find out about CCTV Surveys Cheltenham at a site like Drainawayenviro

As the temperatures rise and we start going out into our gardens more, smells from blockages can become stronger than they are in the winter. A great deal of waste through our pipes, which can become very germy! It is wise to sort out any blockages now before the heat of summer arrives and compounds the problem even further.

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Spring is also the time when flowers and trees begin to grow. Whilst this is welcome, it is also the optimal time for tree root problem to begin. Roots can disrupt almost any drains through the smallest of cracks or joins. Unless there is a specific root lining installed, the warmth of spring can lead to rapid root expansion. Believe it or not, tree roots are the largest cause of blocked drains.

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