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Cleaning – love it or hate it, it always needs to be done and it is big business. There is an entire industry dedicated to cleaning and you’ll be surprised how many kinds of cleaning services there are available.

Residential cleaning is the most obvious and well known. There are many companies that will find a cleaner for you who will visit you weekly or fortnightly and perform all the tasks that you just do not have time for or cannot physically do for yourself. One-off spring cleaning can also be ordered and these companies also offer end of tenancy cleaning as well.

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Commercial cleaning involves cleaning office buildings and business premises. Usually the cleaning takes place after hours, weekends or nights so as not to disturb the workers. The cleaners will perform a combination of tasks that are found in residential cleaning but also carry out much larger kitchen, bathroom and meeting room cleans, as well as wiping down all those boardroom tables and desks! Commercial cleaners may also include sanitation and hygiene services in public restrooms and usually will require a cleaning team rather than individuals. For more information about City of London Office Cleaning, visit a site like Classic Cleaning Services, a leading City of London Office Cleaning company.

Professional carpet cleaning companies can operate anywhere and specialise in sanitary and carpet deodorising products made for this purpose. Steam cleaners are another option for carpets and upholstery and this is usually performed by a specialist who knows how to treat certain different surfaces.

The cleaning of industrial sites is not something that immediately comes to mind. It is clear that public spaces, for example, need to be cleaned but very large-scale industrial cleaning is often overlooked. Pressure washing, cleaning vehicles, high rise window cleaning, factories and crime scenes all require services that are beyond what we might normally consider cleaning.

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Bus operators need a large vehicle cleaned, inside and out, and so do the bus shelters. Chemical specialists will be needed for the removal of graffiti. Train operators have to maintain cleanliness and there will be cabins and toilets to clean. Taxis and mini cabs, as well as car and van hire firms may all need a specialist cleaning service too.

Cleaning specialists are also needed for the police and prisons, where knowledge about safety and disposal of biohazardous materials is very important. There are also contamination cleaning companies that can handle biohazards and crime scenes, for example. They can handle needles, body fluids, fire and flood damage and medical cleaning. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.

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