Four options for integrating the iPad into the center of your smart home

When we talk about home control, often we perform these tasks using a device of which already have at home, usually a tablet or smartphone, so have appeared on the market solutions to integrate the most appropriate way in the home.

In this case, the iPad, or tablet, as many call it, is one of the gadgets most used both by a number of applications offered and the variety of possibilities that allow far as intelligent control refers, in part enhanced by how easy it is its integration with the operating systems varied control.

So we have seen appear on the market options for integrating the iPad into our home and not have to wear it permanently in your hand or place it in a holder on the one hand not give up and why not say, it is not elegant. Let’s review four ways to integrate the Apple tablet in our house to make the most of as the core of what could be our smart home.

iPad on center of your homeSurface Mount

With this option, the iPad is integrated into the wall so that it is accessible as if a screen it were for anyone who wants to perform some task with its touch screen. Featuring the solution to the problem to keep it always on, because the assembly performs near a wall of light, using a power adapter shall take our iPad.

By taking lighting connect our tablet to the plug, leaving the whole surrounded by the outer shell also serves wrap to surround the iPad and thus integrate better in decor and aesthetics of the house and the truth, offers a design that It does not go unnoticed.

Basalte Eve iPad Pro

It comes to our Belgian manufacturer because another proposal offered by the market bears his signature and by the name of Basalte Eve, a space designed for one of the latest releases of Apple as the iPad Pro support.

With this option, as in the previous case, we will place the iPad Pro on the wall like a screen it was using a system of discreet enough subject also to hide the outlet to the iPad that will, as in the previous case mounted next to a wall outlet to have it continuously fed.

A dock striking yet some cannot convince the bottom that slightly distorts the whole and serves to hide the making lighting iPad.

Viveroo Loop

The most futuristic solution proposes Viveroo with its dock 360 degrees. Yes, you read it right. This is a support with the name of Loop will offer iPad placement on walls and other surfaces with the difference from the other proposals in the form and operation.

Now is a dock circular will offer the user that once we have the iPad mounted, this can rotate up to 360 degrees, offering an ideal use for accessibility refers and to see how it works, nothing better than the video you have on these lines.

Regarding the assembly, we return to the same case offering the above options, because in order to have the iPad connected 24 hours a day we will need the close mounting to a wall outlet or do a little homework DIY. In addition, create a take using gutter (which is somewhat sloppy) or raising the wall by a rosette and pulling the wiring to cover it (more aesthetic but not always feasible).

iRoom iTop

The proposal iPort is called iRoom iTop and lines we will recoder greatly to the first two, by the design of straight lines and sober finishes, and is compatible with the iPad Pro Apple, in addition to models traditional.

But here they end the similarities because we are faced with the unique design of the four we offer that is no wall because we are facing a dock desktop that integrates the iPad also giving the option to manage it through an integrated housing own keypad.

So while in other cases we must carry out a montage on the wall with all that entails (outlet, screws, drill) here a more practical solution in part is offered and at first sight well achieved, as elegantly integrate the iPad in any furniture or home stay.

Regarding the management, we have commented that the iTop has six backlit and customizable buttons for quick access to the most common functions besides being a support that can be integrated with automation systems most commonly used home market.

There are four options, but surely there are more and although they are striking, keep in mind that alone bit performance will achieve if we have the house and the environment ready for the iPad.

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