How to increase the number of sales on our website

One of the main elements on which we must work hard through the web, is to resolve how to increase sales of our business. While it is important to achieve a good search engine positioning, traffic to our website and make different email marketing campaigns, all these are meaningless once our website does not make any sales.

How to increase the number of sales on our website

One of the major mistakes that prevent marketers web discover how to increase sales of your site is that old and unfavorable generation scheme usual sales and which involves the sale of a product and once completion of this sale, they return to do additional product offerings immediately and is where generally large sales opportunities are presented, leaving lose a lot of money involved.

 increase sales I’ll explain it in a simpler way, say, once you buy this product go to the payment gateway, leave the details of your credit card and what Hispanic marketers usually do is that from there, take you a thank you page where you basically can download the product you purchased and hence the business process stopped.

This is a mistake, to the extent that it represents that you are there left to earn money and can take advantage of the sales cycle to promote an up sell, this is technically called, up selling , if the term up selling is unknown to you then I explain that the goal of this technique is to generate a second sale at the moment of purchase.

That is, basically once you buy the product, rather than get to the page specific product discharge, which makes the website is to make a second offer so you can access another product, I’ll put one of my cases as examples in my product ” the secret of business that can make you rich ” rather than take you directly to the acknowledgments page in my sales process I make a second offer, i.e. after already I invoiced sales using credit card, make a further proposal that your me buy another product for the present case is ongoing ” 7 keys to having a successful business on the Internet “, with 50% discount, i.e. instead of paying $ 47, you’ll pay $ 27 dollars.

Thanks to this strategy, a high percentage of our customers tell us yes to this offer helping us to significantly increase our revenue through this mechanism.

Begins to establish new Internet marketing strategies, using all the elements you require to avoid losing touch with your customers, but remember, always using proper tools, quality elements and helping your customers improve their own business processes.

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