10 tips to increase safety in the kitchen thinking in children

You agree with me that the kitchen, although it is one of my favorite rooms in the house, carries certain dangers, especially for children, in the kitchen there are sharp utensils and heat sources that reach very high temperatures, in addition to soaps and other products chemicals. When there are, children at home must take a series of measures in the kitchen to increase security, protect them and avoid shocks and accidents.

10 tips to increase safety in the kitchen thinking in childrenThat does not mean that children cannot spend time in the kitchen, on the contrary, I have always been of the opinion that children should spend time in common areas, which should be well equipped for them, even they can participate in the tasks carried out in the kitchen and can encourage them to cooperate in our work. Let’s look ten tips that can help us achieve these goals.

  1. Both the counter as general furniture to place in the kitchen should have edges rounded. This advice is extensive, in fact, every room in the house, if you already have furniture before the child is born and cannot change, can put corner protectors as a solution to avoid cuts if a given hit.
  1. We must ensure that children use utensils plastic rather than metal or glass. Today we also have the possibility of acquiring even entire rigid plastic tableware, very strong and durable and very cheerful and current and fun designs. Dishes, plates, glasses … if they fall not and prevent children can be cut.
  1. It should have drawers low so that children can reach them easily. I mean drawers in which to place things that kids can take, if the child tries to catch something in a drawer too high, it also runs the risk of injury and high boxes should be protected with safety latches for the children cannot open them.
  1. It is essential to store the products chemicals harmful out of the reach of children, too sharp utensils such as knives and other sharp items. We have two options, one is to choose high enough so that children do not reach them and other low furniture choice but protected with safety latches so that children cannot open furniture.
  1. As in other rooms of the house must protect the outlets in the kitchen , there are often a few to the use of small appliances and sometimes they are in areas accessible to children, not very high, if that is the case should be covered to avoid accidents by electrocution.
  1. As for the bags of plastic, garbage, shopping, frozen … again we must be careful, it is important to store them in an organized manner in a particular place to prevent that children can pick them up and play with them, we know that there may be choking hazard, if placed on the head.
  1. It is desirable to have an area in the kitchen where children can help us with our work, away from hazards, children will love to work with us in the kitchen and help if you assign a task, but you need a surface to its up to do so, a shelf or under furniture, for example.
  1. If there were enough space we can have a place away from the fire, where children can sit comfortably, one table to suit with matching chairs would be ideal, of course that is becoming increasingly difficult because the kitchens are increasingly small.
  1. It is a good idea to keep some toys in the kitchen so that children can entertain themselves while we’re cooking or cutting and washing food, we can entertain the children by assigning them tasks to help us but playing with things, sometimes be entertained one way and others another, the fact is that they take their time well and that we can work in peace.
  1. We can store food children in an easily accessible place, so children can eat something on their own. If we put the food that children can eat freely at low cabinets, they can take what they want without having to ask every time, avoid putting things in that place that children cannot eat and will control the amounts.

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