Goodbye to the bare walls: 5 ideas to fill them with life

Not so many years ago, hang plates on the walls was pass and that sounded. Now, with the return of pottery and handicrafts hand-painted, the walls have again filled with pieces of different styles to give the different touch to our house.

Tast dishes, pots … there are a thousand and one possibilities to decorate a wall and fully customize our home. Are you aiming to fill the walls again and surprise your guests with different pieces?

Goodbye to the bare walls 5 ideas to fill them with lifeTropical-inspired porcelain dishes

With these mini porcelain dishes tropical and animal motifs you can fill your house color and give it a whole summer air.

Kitsch dishes

Painting antique porcelain dishes is more fashionable than ever. But not always have to be classic, valances, flowers, mountain landscapes reasons … There are also dishes for the more modern houses and kitsch painted porcelain Spanish, French Limoge porcelain or glass Albane. Dishes that we assure you will not leave anyone indifferent …

Flowerpots for hanging

If you do not go too hang of porcelain walls, you can also choose to put hanging pots, with an irrigation system that filters water from a reservoir at the top towards the substrate progressively, regulating it according to the needs of the plant.

Cradle pendants for plants

Plants do not have to be only in pots. These light and modern glass pendants you can have plants on the heights of a totally different way.


Hang deer walls is fashionable, especially in the houses of Nordic inspiration. There are ceramics, such as deer Guille Garcia Hoz, of which I already have spoken on occasion, but there are also deer in materials like cardboard.

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