Why we should spend more time in the garden

Anyone can benefit from spending time in the garden – whether they mow the lawn, dig a vegetable patch or sit and admire the view.

Great exercise

Gardening stimulates a lot of muscle groups, making it an ideal form of gentle to moderate exercise. Carrying a bag full of compost or watering cans are similar to lifting weights at the gym.

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It relieves stress

Concentrating on the right here, right now, be it planting, deadheading or weeding, requires focus. You’ll automatically leave your worries and stress behind as the activity is all-consuming. Why not consider opening up your home to let in more garden view and sunlight? The best way to do this is with Bifold doors. Click here to look at a huge range of bifold doors from the bifold shop

It builds self-esteem

Seeing your work come to fruition provides a great sense of pride and satisfaction. Whether the grass look neater, the borders have been tidied or you have successfully nurtured tomato plants, these are all real and tangible achievements.

Promoting family time

No matter what age or ability, there is a task for everyone in the garden. Small children can bag up cut grass piles, teens can cut the grass and grandparents can engage in some gentle deadheading. The whole family can all spend time together and get a little fresh air.

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You’ll eat healthier

Growing your own fruits and vegetables provides a reliable source of healthy food; after all, you know exactly how it was grown and what has been used in terms of fertilizer. In addition, food that is home grown tastes amazing – and you’ll save on your grocery bill.


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