How To Earn Money With Youtube

Maybe you heard that YouTube is paying your neighbors, friends, your relatives, this is genuine they earn and its true, YouTube pays you if you attract viewers to your video and earn with it. The thing is every work needs some efforts to earn money and the same should be done with YouTube too.

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel is completely free no need to pay a single penny for it. The channel is to upload your videos, managing them, making changes. All you need is a Gmail account to start your YouTube Channel to start your personal YouTube platform.

Online BusinessBasic Knowledge is enough to start your YouTube Channel. The YouTube Channel has some Simple features like Upload, Publish, Video Manager, Add Music, Notations and so on.

Upload Your Videos

 To get paid by YouTube never upload Copyrighted content and which are already published on YouTube; Do yourself a different passion in creating videos attract viewers to your channel. Some examples of Copyrighted videos are: Songs, Soundtrack of the Movies, Movies, already uploaded videos, and so on.

You may have some different skills which nobody can do it, then tape videos of your skill and upload them to YouTube, if you taped some unbelievable clips accidentally upload them to YouTube, also if you are a good teacher or expert in any field then make some useful Tutorials and upload them to YouTube.

How You Get Paid?

The thing is you must link your YouTube account to Google Adsense,

You must have a Google Adsense Account and nothing to worry, this is also completely free to start and earn, like before said you no need to pay a single penny to create Google Adsense account. The purpose of Google Adsense is making you money of your uploaded videos, also can see your earning statistics and, everyday page views daily earnings and monthly earning and many more.

Monetize your videos  

Unless your videos are copyrighted, the videos in your channels automatically appear with Dollar symbol, just click on it and monetize your videos. If the Monetize symbol doesn’t appear so just hope that the uploaded video has copyrighted content in it.

Your payment is calculated every month and you can see, you earning in Google Adsense, the important thing is you will not get paid unless you reach an amount of 100$. Once you have 100$ in Google Adsense then the money is yours, there are different types of payments depends on countries like EFT or Check Payment.

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