Technology In Drink and Snack Vending Machine

Today, many people are looking for businesses that will help them earn extra income without disturbing their stable jobs and one of the most popular among all the available businesses is investing in vending machines. It is really not surprising given the convenience of having one since it does not require too much time yet it can earn the owner quite a large income once the right strategy have been implemented.

BusinessThere are many different types of vending machines depending on the product it dispenses such as newspaper vending machines, book vending machines, vending machines that dispenses toiletries and one of the most popular is snack and beverage vending machines. You will definitely see one just by looking around a place with high human traffic such as train stations, offices, hospitals and other crowded places.

What are the different Types of Snack and Beverage Vending Machines?

Just like how the main types of vending machines have been classified, different kinds of drink and snack beverage vending machines have also been defined by the product a machine dispenses. There are many kinds of beverages especially with the number of food and beverages available today but some of the most popular kinds are snack vending machines, cold and frozen food vending machines, soda vending machines, coffee vending machines and coffee vending machines.

What are the Technologies used in Drink and Snack Vending Machines?

One of the new technologies developed had been the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) instead of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) which had been started by Coca-Cola and now being adapted by other cold-snack-and-beverage companies. Before, all cold vending machines have relied on HFCs to cool the air inside the machine but it had been found out that HFCs are more harmful to the climate than CO2 thus; several researches had tried to find a way in which CO2 will be used instead of HFCs and they have succeeded. Now, different companies had also released HFC-free vending machines.

As for the energy-saving aspect of vending machines, a “hybrid heat pump beverage vending machine” had been invented that can use both external and internal heat instead of only internal heat to save energy. An inverter compressor had also been developed to change the refrigerating capacity of the vending machine in accordance to the changes in the environment and a new electronic expansion valve that will regulate the flow of the refrigerant in the vending machine had also been created. With these three, power consumption of each beverage vending machine will be greatly reduced. Another development made in beverage vending machines is the usage of louver fins and optimizing each one in order to improve the efficiency of the heat exchanger which in turn will reduce the power consumption of the vending machine. New technologies had also been developed for cup-type beverage vending machines. It had been found out that using a heater-less paper drip extractor, decreasing the conveyance path of the ground coffee by half and reducing static electricity in the coffee mill can greatly decrease the energy consumption of these machines.

To promote vending machines, some researchers have also developed digital signage that can display the vending machines as well as information about the products.

It is truly amazing how technology had made these advancements possible. These new technological products can now help the vending machine owners have a better chance in competing in this business. By using these technologies and constant maintenance every now and then, there is no doubt that an vending machine owner will succeed.

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