Garden Jobs for the Autumn

As autumn has well and truly arrived, it is now time to get your garden jobs done ready for the winter. The storms and bad weather that comes in over the winter months has the potential to cause a lot of problems, so this time of year is all about battening down the hatches and doing the best to protect our homes and gardens from the worst of the weather…

Fences are a particular problem in high winds, so if you have noticed that your fences are a little worse for wear, now is the time to protect them. Make fence repairs to any areas that you have noticed are damaged already, or if necessary, replace the whole fence if it is particularly dilapidated! This will reduce the chance of your fence being blown down in high winter winds later in the season.

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Falling leaves cause all sorts of problems – they do look beautiful, but it is best to get them cleared straight away from the garden as they can be very dangerous as they are so slippery when they are wet. It is also a good idea to get someone in like roofers Hereford R Richard and sons roofers in Hereford to take a look at the gutters and check for damage as well as the leaves which can accumulate here.

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Garden furniture and play equipment should also be protected from the weather – if possible, bring it indoors into a shed or a garage, or failing that buy a weatherproof cover so that it is not exposed to the weather over the winter.

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