Ideas to decorate and exploit an attic

The attic is usually not a very frequent space in most homes. In fact, the lucky few who have space at home always forget it. Are you one of them? In that case, you cannot miss our article today because we offer the most important keys to learning how to decorate the attic.

In this article, we propose some good ideas not only for decorating, but also to get the most out of this corner of the house. To decorate it has been said!


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One space, many possibilities

A bedroom, a living room, a corner for reading and relaxing or even extra bathroom; we can convert the attic in almost any environment, but we must consider the possibility that allows us this space, especially if we want to install a bathroom or perhaps place a phone or TV.

So, it’s time to dust off the attic, because this forgotten space of the house can become one of our favorite places. Great idea may be to convert the attic in a small and charming living room .A place to escape from daily stress in search of some peace and privacy.

Study area and entertainment

But we can also choose to convert the attic into a reading and relaxation. Such environments are always successful. In fact, being a fairly quiet and peaceful bedroom, another interesting option may be to convert the attic into an area of study and work.

Do you have small children at home? In that case, do not forget that the attic can also be a small corner creativity intended for the youngest to have fun and develop their imagination. In this sense, the attic can also become a leisure room for adults. A pool table, darts, some magazines … It all depends on the possibilities and the space of this room in the house.

However, what criteria should take into account when decorating the attic? Regardless of the type of room you want to create, there are a number of rules and recommendations to consider.

Light: a great ally

First, we must not forget that the attics are usually dark or with windows strategically located spaces. Therefore, a correct distribution of furniture is essential to maximize natural sunlight. As simple as placing a desk under the window of the attic gesture can mean huge savings on electricity.

The lamps must not fail in our attic. Naturally, you should distribute them around the room taking into account the incidence of sunlight. In addition, we should remember the three basic rules for proper lighting: general lighting, a spotlight, and another decorative.

The importance of light colors

Another great ally for decorating a small attic and win not only amplitude but also brightness is to go for light colors like white and pastel shades.

The other major concern is to take advantage until the last space of the attic. Generally, these spaces are usually quite small. So choose ergonomic furniture becomes an absolutely essential option.

Makes good use of space

And how can we maximize space? For example with convertible furniture, like a sofa bed, high shelves to organize our stuff without overburden the environment, wardrobes, nesting tables, sofa beds, occasional furniture on wheels … All the furniture and fittings are great allies to decorate and take advantage of our small attic space.

Although, of course, the best option is usually to commission pieces of furniture that allow us to take advantage of every space of the attic. Keep in mind that this environment is quite difficult to decorate, so order custom furniture guarantees a better use of space.

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