The ultimate use of a hydraulics system

Hydraulics play a vital role in our modern construction industry. They are able to move and lift heavy objects with great ease using a system of compression and fluid. Without them they would make lifting and handling heavy loads a near impossibility. At the moment we rely on large machines to do this but in the 22nd Century who knows? It’s possible we could be using robotic versions that we sit in. That’s what James Cameron thought would happen and it’s lucky for Ripley that he did as this was the perfect weapon to use against the formidable Alien Queen. She uses a Power loader bodysuit, which would still need a Hydraulic Power Pack like those from, to have a climatic battle on the flight deck to the Sulaco.

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To be fair to the Alien Queen, she had something of a bad day. All her eggs had been torched via Ripley’s flame rifle and then she had the whole lot blown up by a geothermal nuclear blast. She was beginning to take it personally and Ripley was the problem. She starts off well by sticking her spiky tail through Bishop, a not nasty replicant robot. Cue lots of white fluid and poor Lance Henriksen have to do some cut in half work through the floor.

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Ripley dons the suit and starts literally trading blows with the massive Queen. Many feminst writers have had a field day with it and rightly so. It’s two very strong female characters saving the day and causing all the trouble as well. Spoiler alert, Ripley sucks the Queen out into space.

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