What is the BRC and why you need it

If you work in the food production industry then you will need a BRC (Bill realisation Certificate). This is a global food safety qualification. It was developed by a host of food retailers and industry heads that wanted to set the standard of food safety to a very high level. It was hoped that all would look to aspire to it regardless of what level in the industry they were in. Be it the small burger van up to Heinz producing baked beans on a mass scale. The most important thing that they did was to create a system that was easy to understand and implement to ensure success.

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BRC Audit must be conducted to make sure you stay up to date to qualify. Luckily there are companies like https://mqmconsulting.co.uk/ who can help you to hit the grade and be able to claim and maintain your highly prized BRC.

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This cannot be an internal test. You have to have a third party come and approve the site for the BRC. It follows that the third party is also checked to ensure they keep to the correct standards for Audit and testing. There are seven elements. First is the commitment of the Senior management, second is to have a Food Safety plan. Thirdly there must be a quality management system in place, Control of the product and that Personnel are fully trained. Finally there has to be a site and process control active.

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