Three Aids that you can Use to Make a Bathroom Safer

The bathroom can be a risky place if you have mobility problems, as the risk of a nasty fall increases. However, it is easy to make the room safer, and you can get bathing aids like those below from specialist suppliers like Ability Superstore. Here are some of the most popular things that you can add to a bathroom to make it safer and easier to use…

Seats and Stools – If you find standing up difficult, then having a shower might be difficult for you. This is why many people opt to have a special shower seat or stool in the shower. These will usually have pads that will keep the stool stable and stop it from moving around, so there is no need to worry about slipping and falling off. If you prefer to sit higher up in the bath, there are also stools available for the bath.

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Grab Handles – Another problem that you face in the bathroom is the slippery floor – all of that water mixed with mobility problems can then make for a very dangerous situation. Grab handles are a great solution to this. Installed in places around the bathroom where you may slip, and places that they may be needed to give you a little extra support such as getting in and out of the bath, can make a bathroom much safer.

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No Slip Mats – As well as the rails, using mats in the bathroom to decrease the risk of slipping in the first place, is a good idea. These can be used in the bath and shower, as well as on the bathroom floor itself so that you can feel stable when you get out.

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