Tips for Decorating an Open Vaulted Ceiling

The best way to decorate a room with an open vaulted ceiling is to make it bright and airy. You can add natural light to your room by adding tall windows and skylights. You can also use mirrors to reflect natural light back into the room. You can also hang art to fill the space on high walls.

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Another great way to add light to an open vaulted ceiling is to install wall sconces. These are perfect for creating a theme and reflect light up towards the ceiling. They are also great to use in conjunction with skylights to provide artificial illumination while still providing natural light during the day.

If you have an open vaulted ceiling in your home, try experimenting with different styles of vault. You can choose from barrel vaults, cathedral ceilings, or even groyne vaults. Either way, these types of ceilings can be incredibly stunning. Open vaulted ceilings also allow you to take advantage of space that is not currently used in your home. A mezzanine, for example, can be used as an extra bedroom, an office, or a media room. For advice on Oak Trusses, contact a site such as

Another option for open vaulted ceilings is to add a rose window or a soffit to the ceiling. It can make the ceiling look more like a cathedral. However, these options are limited and should not be used as the sole way to decorate an open vaulted ceiling.

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The best way to decorate an open vaulted ceiling is by incorporating the personality of the homeowner. This style is very versatile and can give the room a more eclectic feel. Make sure you choose an appropriate colour scheme and furnishings for the area. It is also important to consider the space’s function and use of accessories.

Colour schemes should match the height of the ceiling. While white walls will improve the general illumination, other colours can enhance the room’s ambience. Before choosing a colour scheme, you should first estimate the power of the light sources in the room.

When it comes to choosing colours, choose warm shades. Warmer colours will give the space a more homely feel. Avoid using dark colours because they will make the vaulted ceiling look lower. You may also want to add art to the ceiling to give it a more creative look.

The high ceilings in your living room are a great place to display tall items. They will add a sense of height to the room, and tall pieces will give a room a border or create the illusion of columns.


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