Three Small Changes You Can Make to Help Save the Planet

As we head towards a climate crisis, it is clear that lots of changes need to be made to ensure the earth survives. Everyone can help to play their part in this, here are some small things that you can do that will make a difference…

Change your light bulbs – Switching your light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs is something that will make a difference to both the environment and also your electricity bills! If you switch all of the bulbs in your home for ones that are energy efficient, you will be pleasantly surprised to save a substantial amount of money when your bills arrive, with some people saying that you can save around £100 per year!

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Consider the products that you are buying and whether they are good for the environment or is there a better alternative? For example, a regular plastic toothbrush can be swapped for a bamboo toothbrush like this which is much better for the environment than its plastic counterpart. Children’s toys are another example of this – look at wooden toys rather than lots of plastic.

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Think about transport. Travel is a huge way that we can change our behaviours and make a significant difference to the planet. Cycling is a great thing to do as it will keep you fit as well as not emitting harmful fumes. Or if you have to get to work via car, look into a car sharing scheme that will enable many people to share one car.

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