How would you react in an emergency?

Do you honestly think that in an emergency, you would whip out your cape and tights and dash in like some kind of superhero? Or perhaps you worry that, through a lack of confidence or knowledge, you would shy away and find others to help? Different people react differently to an emergency situation. Some have the ability to remain calm and focused whilst others go into panic mode.

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Don’t be alarmed if you think you might be in the panic mode camp. It is often not ‘superpowers’ or immense bravery that enable some people to rush to the rescue during a crisis but the result of effective training. When an emergency situation arises, these people can switch into training mode and this training helps them to stay calm and follow the steps they have learned. Get information on First aid at work Cheltenham at a site like

Knowing what to do in a range of different scenarios helps people to react faster, with more confidence and this greatly improves the chances of survival for those who are injured or suffering a medical episode. Imagine you are in the office with one other colleague who suddenly collapses. Would you know what to do? Your toddler begins to choke on a piece of food – how do you react?

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These two scenarios demonstrate the importance of knowing how to respond when others need you most. A swift response can make all the difference.

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