Protecting a garage door from the elements

Protecting a property and keeping it well maintained is not just a source of pride but also a smart way to get a better return on your investment. The exterior, being the most visible, is an important area for keeping maintained. For aesthetics as well as security, it pays to keep your garage door protected. So, how can you protect your garage door from the elements?

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Metal or wooden garage doors should be painted or stained in order to protect from the weather. For properties on the coast or that experience harsh climates, staining may be preferable as it will reduce the number of times that panels or the whole door will need repairing or replacement. When you do need new Garage Doors Swindon, go to

The choice of treatment will depend on the material of the garage door. It is important to check the manufacturer’s instructions or any warranty could be voided. In general, the steel doors of today should be restained or repainted once a year to provide them with the utmost protection.

Weather seals are another option to prevent moisture from damaging the door and getting into the garage space. Many doors come with a seal installed but if not, it is a good idea to affix weather seals along the bottom, sides and top of the door.

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As well as the steel of the door, the mechanisms are also not completely resistant to rust. To lessen the risk of water damage, these too should be treated and kept regularly lubricated after a clean with a suitable solvent.

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