The five keys to choose a personal trainer

If we look around in any training room at a time we are going to realize that more and more people use the services of a personal trainer. Today is usually a very common practice that is accessible to all. But not all coaches are the most suitable for us. So in this post we want to dwell on five aspects to consider when choosing a personal trainer.

When and legir coach staff first we need to be very clear about what we want to achieve. Generally a personal trainer usually more specialized in a particular discipline than another. It is therefore important that we maintain with him a previous meeting in which we explain what their specialties. In addition, this will help us to make a first contact with the coach and know whether or not we connect.But this is not enough, we still have many other things in mind.

The five keys to choose a personal trainerWord of mouth long ago in these cases. As they always say, mark the references we decant by one or other alternative. For it is good to pay attention to the opinions known gym, friends who use the services of a coach … They can help us make better choices. But we must not forget that the end is somewhat subjective, and therefore there are many other more technical points to consider in choosing a personal trainer.

The perfect coach should worry about the perfect execution of routines

First let’s look into their routines. Adequate personal trainer should try by all means to perform the exercises perfectly. To find out if this is true or not, it is important that we look at their explanations. We always have to explain in detail the technique and movement. The weight that we will use and the results we get will go to the background. Especially should prioritize learning and get a proper basis for progress slowly.

You need to know listen

The second point to keep in mind to choose a good coach is to know if we listen . It is true that we will be exercises that are easier to perform and others that cost us and we do not like. But many times we have to carry out. Another thing different is that exercise is so complicated that our capabilities prevent us from doing well. In this case, a good coach should know how to cut before we do us harm and especially know more exercises that fit our physiognomy and experience.

A good coach must innovate and be aware of trends

The innovation in routines and changes of these must be other points to consider. A good coach should get not fall into the monotony. In fact most of us resort to their services when we are stuck. A good personal trainer is able to have alternatives, keep abreast of new trends and apply them to their daily routines. The effect on our practice will be immediate without us hardly counts.

The coach should be concerned that we learn to fend for ourselves

As a fourth point to keep in mind when determining if our coach is good or not, we must pay close attention to whether the coach is concerned or not because we learn. A good coach should never be subservient. It’s okay to help us complete the routines and especially in the beginning to learn. But it is good and necessary to teach us techniques, loads, the reasons why you have to follow an order in the execution of exercises … Always the goal is progress, and a good coach should leave us at some point stand on our same.

You should never force us to do something that puts us at risk

A good coach we will never forced to do something that endangers our physical integrity . Therefore we need to take this into account. If our coach requires us high goals which we can not achieve. Do not listen to our requirements or not take into account our tastes. It is best to try another opt for one season. Often the variation to get hit with the choice and thus achieve the perfect coach is necessary.

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