What is challenging behaviour

Challenging behaviour can refer to any kind of action that is disruptive, dangerous or even harmful to an individual displaying it.  it can be manifesting many ways this can vary from physical attacks to verbal aggression towards people around them.  however this physical aggression is not limited to just another person it can also relate to property and the person themselves who is exhibiting the challenging behaviour.  The intention seems to be to be generally disruptive and to cause  problems for all around them.  This is where a Challenging behaviour training course, like those from tidaltraining.co.uk/learning-disability-training/challenging-behaviour-training-breakaway-techniques Can start to show that this behaviour is not a purposeful act.

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We associate challenging behaviour with people who have intellectual disabilities who may well appear on the autism spectrum, could be exhibiting certain neurological disorders and definitely have minor and major mental health conditions.  For the most part the challenging behaviour stems from the inability to communicate with people and the frustrations that this then sets up.  It also stems from an emotional inability to communicate and associate with others.

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The people on the front line of this behaviour are the caregivers, family members and support workers that looked to aid the people exhibiting challenging behaviour.  The most important fact to takeaway from all of this is that challenging behaviour from these people is not an intended outcome.  It stems completely from the frustration and anger that they feel at being able to identify and communicate with the world around them.

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