Common Carpet Problems

Do you have a carpet with problems? Main living areas of your room are highly visible, and it could be that noticing an issue is driving you crazy every time you see it. Here are some common complaints, how they occur and ways to sort them out:

  1. Ripples

Ripples in a carpet can occur as a result of moisture. If the carpet backing gets wet, certain materials can shrink while others expand, so it’s common to see rippling and/or buckling of carpets. Visibly, these ripples are annoying and a nuisance to walk over as well. Carpet re-stretching might be required, in which case you’ll need to contact a professional.

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  1. Browning

Any carpet that has been overly wet when cleaned or has suffered from any other water damage, can become discoloured at the edges, turning a brown or yellowish colour. This is a natural result of the plant-based materials used in carpets breaking down and oxidising. A helpful solution is to have a professional clean done using fast-drying methods. For a professional Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning company, visit

  1. Matting

Daily wear and tear and foot traffic can cause matting in all types of carpet. The fibres become untwisted and tangled with other fibres, leaving a crushed appearance. It occurs naturally as a result of traffic, not looking after your carpet or a material failure in cheap carpet. Giving the carpet a good clean using a hot water extraction process might improve but not fix the look of the carpet.

  1. Furniture Marks

When you move heavy furniture that’s been sat on carpet, more often than not the furniture will leave behind permanent indentations in the carpet. If you haven’t been moving the furniture regularly to avoid this from occurring, then try to moisten the indentations to see if the carpet fibres bounce back. Whether this works will be highly dependent on the type and quality of carpet you have.

  1. Fading

If your carpet has faded due to sunlight exposure, you’ll need to contact a professional for re-dyeing or purchase a new carpet. Some carpets are also more susceptible to fading from different pollutants and chemicals being applied to them. Many household chemicals can also cause discolouration, which is often not apparent until after the carpet has been cleaned.

  1. Shedding

With newly laid carpets, this is a common problem. Small fluffy balls of carpet, leftover from the manufacturing can be seen over the carpet’s surface. This is a perfectly natural occurrence and the balls of fluff will disappear after a while, most likely the first few times you vacuum.

  1. Pile problems

A carpet can be pushed in several different directions when walked on. This can cause a movement in the setting of the pile which leaves the appearance of some areas looking darker than others. This issue can happen on any type of carpet over time. There’s no solution to this problem so it’s often just accepted as a natural part of a carpet’s life cycle.

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