How to keep hardwood floors clean when you have a dog

Do you love your pooch but don’t love the hairs they leave all over your prized hardwood floor? Or perhaps they continue to scratch your flooring. Healthy Dog Treats such as those found at can be a great way to reward your dogs good behviour and you can combine them with these tips on what to do to keep your floor looking its best.

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Keep shedding to a minimum

The best way to prevent your real wood flooring being covered in pet hair is to try to minimise the amount your animal sheds. Make it more manageable by giving your dog regular grooms and keep their fur trimmed, as this minimises the amount of loose hair.

Feed your dog a good-quality brand of pet food that contains ingredients to promote a healthy coat. This will also lead to less hair being shed from fur that is damaged and loose. If you can manage it and have the space, train your pet to stay off the floor and learn that they can only be in other areas in which there is alternative flooring.

According to the Guardian, owning a dog raises the levels of 56 different types of bacteria; therefore, keeping the hair to a minimum is vital for your health in addition to that of your wooden floor.

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Clean clever

It doesn’t matter how much you groom your pet, your floor will still accumulate some hair; however, if you clean regularly and properly, this is easy to get rid of quickly. When vacuuming, use a hardwood floor attachment or setting to prevent spreading the hair and get rid of most of it. Make sure you clean in corners and under furniture, where pet hair can gather.

If the hair snags on parts of the floor, it could be because the sealer coat is too thin or uneven. You can re-apply sealer in the area until you get a smooth, even coat, but you may need to strip the floor before doing this.

Cleaning other parts of your home will also help to remove pet hair that could end up on your hardwood floor. Carpets, rugs and furniture all need to be kept as free from hair as possible to prevent it spreading. You can use a strong vacuum with a soft furnishing attachment, a rubber sweeper, or invest in a pet hair remover.

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