A very big boiler indeed.

You might think that your boiler is a substantial bit of kit but it is nothing compared to the biggest commercial boiler in the world. That is not to say that your boiler is any less important. Wherever you are be it Boiler installation Bristol or Birmingham, Cardiff or Carlisle, wherever it is needed you can look to a company like the one in the link to make sure that it is installed properly and correctly in your home so that it will function efficiently for years to come. What about the biggest boiler in the world? How is that maintained?

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The world’s biggest boiler began use in 2009. It is located in the country of Poland and the region of Katowice. Just like your own boiler it has a very important job to do and it provides up to seventeen percent of the country’s total power and heats up to sixteen percent of the Katowice area as well. The central chimney is an absolute monster of a size an it is off no real surprise that the Poles have painted the top of it Red and White in the Country’s colours not just so that low flying planes will see it but to make sure everyone knows which country has achieved this. It can generate up to five thousand and fifty five megawatts of power.

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It’s not the most environmental friendly boiler as it uses bituminous coal and this is taken from up to ten different coal fields around the boiler. This helps to make Poland almost self sufficient in its energy needs.  However, the plant does not just rely on the introduction of coal. One of the most useless bi products of coal is coal slurry and in an incredible feat of engineering the plant can even use this subsistence to generate energy for its turbines. Not only that but a not inconsiderable amount of Biofuel is also used making the plant a bit greener in its provision of electricity.

As a member of the European Union, Poland has to make sure that it complies with stringent emissions regulation. The plant is able to meet this easily and it is also one of the safest plants in the world with the Poles taking an extreme amount of care and time to make sure that the plant is incredible secure. A truly remarkable place and achievement.

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