Top tips for replacing an old boiler

As winter approaches, some of us may be looking at creaky old boilers and dreaming of replacing them with a lovely new efficient boiler. There are good arguments for doing this, as an unreliable boiler could leave you shivering and even cost you more.

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Do the maths

Old boilers cost more to run. Householders often delay replacing a boiler because they think it will be expensive, but old boilers are not very efficient – they may only deliver 60 per cent of the heat they should. If you have an old boiler with a pilot light that is always on, this is also costing you money – up to a significant £60 annually.

When an old boiler gives up, emergency replacements can be extremely costly – much more so than planning to replace the boiler at a convenient time. Old boilers could well cost more to repair than they are worth. If your boiler is not that old but still breaks down, it could be worth getting insured to cover future repairs. A report in the Telegraph discusses whether this is a worthwhile step.

Modern convenience

Many old boilers are huge, look unattractive, and take up lots of space. Many of these can be replaced with a small and sleek wall-mounted boiler that will liberate a lot of space and appear much smarter.

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The main varieties of boiler are combi, system and regular. The regular kind needs a lot more space and a tank in the loft. System boilers have many parts of the heating system built in to save space. Combis are popular as they work on demand, save space, and usually save money. If you want to find out more about boiler installation in Gloucester, consult an expert such as

When you arrange to get your boiler replaced, discuss your needs with the engineer so that they can advise you on the best option for your circumstances; for example, a large household will need a different type of boiler to a single person. It helps to do your research on the three main types of boiler and consider which will deliver the performance you need; in addition, look at the factors that will affect your choice, such as the water pressure in your home.

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