Why you might be able to get a free boiler grant from the government for your eco boiler

Launched in 2013, free boiler grants have helped many low-income households across the UK. It is the aim of the UK government to reduce the nation’s energy consumption as well as to ensure that every household has the opportunity to make their home more energy efficient, which can reduce bills and ease pressure on finances.

Why you might be able to get a free boiler grant from the government for your eco boiler

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Free Boiler Grants

Fuel poverty is a real issue in the UK, with low-income households increasingly feeling the pressure. The grants are backed by energy companies in the UK and as such do not need to be paid back. A-rated boilers will generate heat efficiently, and other measures may be taken in order to ensure that heat is not able to easily escape from the home.

Once approved, you should be put in contact with a company who will be able to install your new boiler, based on your geographical location. These companies will be accredited, with boiler installation in Woking, for example, being completed by fully qualified plumbers.


If you receive either pension credit or child tax credit and your total household income is less than £16,010, then you should automatically qualify for a free boiler grant, depending on the size of your property and age of your current boiler.

There are also other ways in which you can qualify, depending on a combination of the benefits you receive and your personal circumstances. If, for example, you receive income support or working tax credit and you have a child under 16, or a child under 20 who is in full-time education, then you would be eligible to receive the grant.

Price Comparison

If you do not qualify there are online tools available, such as Find Energy Savings that will allow you to compare prices to ensure that you get the best possible deal.

Gas Safe Installation

In all cases, ensuring that the person installing your new boiler is Gas Safe registered is vital. For example, all Woking boiler installations through RJ Plumbing and Heating will be completed safely by an experienced plumber.

Currently the scheme is set to run until 2017, and so while the criteria may seem strict and difficult to meet, it’s something worth looking into to see if your household is eligible.

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