E-commerce aspects dismayed customers and consumers

E-commerce is in full swing. Without going any further, it is expected that during this holiday season online customers crawl around 55 billion dollars, according to comScore. However, these data could improve substantially if retailers will focus on improving the customer experience.

The survey by YouGov in charge of Transversal indicates that there are 3 barriers that prevent customers complete its purchase. The first are the shipping charges. These added costs lead to 31% of customers to reconsider its intention to buy online. A cost that, although it is often unavoidable, it is true that there are ways to show it to customers, so they are aware of it from the beginning, and avoid unpleasant last – minute surprises.

E-commerce aspects dismayed customers and consumersAspects related to returns, have also become an important aspect in the process of buying online. The free returns have become a workhorse for client, however, the best way to handle returns would be better to avoid it all necessary aspects and related products and services. If at certain times, our customers need to return a product and this is a substantial added cost to them, trusting our business to your next purchase will think “very much”.

Moreover, the obligation to register before buying is a process routs to 24% of online customers. The fact of having to provide personal data to buy can discourage anyone. Especially if you are facing an endless form, or some connection failure or usability prevent you from completing this task successfully. Therefore, one should not request more data than strictly necessary, and the process as simple as possible. Another factor that will keep the customer within the funnel is the fact that the site gives confidence at all tells you the steps to take now, and guide you through the process. Social login is also a good resource for getting the customer to register quickly, easily and safely.

The third drawback is the existence of negative opinions about the brand or product to purchase. One factor that affects 21% of potential customers. A fact that occurs as a result especially of poor management of the customer, according to Altimeter. Customers expect brands to exceed their expectations and offer quality after-sales service. Otherwise, you can take its toll on the reputation of a brand. ROI Research shows that 44% of consumers prefer to publish their comments through social networks before heading to the web (38%) or other means. Brands have to have very negative comment incipient that cause more impact than 10 positive, and work to improve the rate of customer satisfaction.

These 3 main aspects, we could add the attention and responsiveness, not only after the purchase, also previously. Many consumers before deciding on a particular product may use any means of contact to ask about their doubts, special features of a particular product, aspects that perhaps were unclear in your information or even ask for a product that is not capable of find and which is interested. All these requests or queries, it is important receive special attention and personalized service through a rapid and direct response to clarify such doubts or serve to make clear the quality of service and our constant attention.

Therefore, customers already have the habit of buying online, an advantage that has become apparent during the early days of the Christmas season. The traditional family visit the malls has given way to a session of online shopping from the sofa. According to preliminary data compiled by comScore, the amount of online sales recorded last Friday via computer only add 1,198 billion dollars. Therefore, retailers must strive to think about the customer and suit your needs.

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