The e-mail marketing remains one of the most profitable marketing strategies for businesses

The e-mail marketing remains the most profitable marketing technique. Emailing has not only maintained over the years, but has been able to evolve and gain in quality and effectiveness over the years.

According to the latest study picks Adestra, the income recorded by the shares of e-mail marketing has increased by 28% last year, positioning him as the channel greater return on investment records.

68% of participants in the “Email Marketing Industry Census” rated as excellent or good ROI obtained from its strategy of e-mail marketing. A score is far from that recorded by the hiring of paid advertisements (54%), mobile marketing (35%) and online advertising (33%), which was the lowest rated of the table.

The e-mail marketing remains one of the most profitable marketing strategies for businessesAn effectiveness that translates into sales. The report Adestra indicates that, on average, companies attribute 23% of its total shares to their e-mail marketing sales; 5% more than the previous year, implying a proportional increase of 28% in just one year. Even 24% of these companies attributed at least 30% of its sales directly to your e-mailing strategy, 6% more than 2 years (18%) does.

Given these positive results, it is curious that companies spend only 16% of its budget to e-mail marketing. Which leads us to think that, if companies allocate more resources in this area, they would get better results.

The key to maintaining and even exceeding the levels of efficiency of e-mail marketing residents continue to adapt to the behavior and needs of consumers. Thus, adaptability to mobile devices and customization in the message are the main factors to consider. In February Ascend2 study indicated that only 28% of marketers recognize that their actions are adapted to these devices. Worryingly, given that more than half of the commercial mails are opened in smart terminals.

Success lies in the Email Marketing Custom

Nevertheless, only 70% of firms use custom emails, and what about the other 30%?

For Raquel Herrera, Country Manager Benchmark Email & Events, by using the custom emails, there is one detail, for you as a company can do all your emails a personalized way, but if you do not know the interest of your customers, not sections by interest, your content very striking that it is totally wrong because you are sending the customer something that is not interested in the least.

48.35% of emails opened and read on mobile devices

Beyond the aspects of customization, companies must also take into account the new reality of mobile users and hyperlinked. In fact, according to the 4th Splio Barometer, a 48’35% of marketing emails opened and read from mobile devices. The rapid increase in openings emails on mobile devices has been especially important over the last year, making 2013 the year with the highest growth percentage of open emails from mobile devices.

Email Marketing vs. Social Networking

Although many tend to think that email marketing and sending e was dying with the advent of social networks (facebook, twitter, …), the fact is that this belief is far removed from reality. This was highlighted David Carrero of Acumbamail, who stood out – besides offering some of the reasons why email marketing is still key for business – as continuous certainly be a powerful marketing tool that can report to us significant benefits and very good results. And the truth is, email marketing, rather than leave, continues to consolidate as an attractive option and channel promotion.

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