Fossil teaches android wear your watch with heart Intel

Apart from a new Moto 360 and Gear Samsung S2, there is not much movement on new android wear watches. So it is quite striking that a remote world of consumer electronics company Fossil has warmed the atmosphere with the presentation of a smart watch.

Intel InsideThat said, the watchmaker is also mounted on the platform of Google, as shown in the Intel Developer Conference, where he announced – and taught – that prepares three wrist devices, which will be ready for the Christmas season.

Three gadgets, Intel Inside

Well, actually we could say that there are two clocks we hope, as the third device can describe it as a bracelet to measure activities. One of the watches – not shown – should be placed halfway to a traditional model, and smartwacht android wear.

A company processors caught him with his foot changing the history of mobile phones, and despite having been making titanic efforts in recent years, has not been able to cut land with Qualcomm, even with smaller companies as MediaTek.

Most striking in this presentation is to know that Intel is going to give life to these pots. With wearables will be different, it has to be. From day they are showing associations with manufacturers Intel and functional solutions – as Curie – developed by them.

On the specifications of each of them we know nothing. We can review the appearance of one of the clocks, with a pint very Moto 360 – even shares black strip – it comes with very thin frame and straps 22 mm, with an anchor style LG Watch Urbane.

Giants consumer electronics like Motorola, LG and Samsung, led the arrival of Android Wear. From now on we should not be surprised to see how traditional watchmakers come to market with Intel or Google facilities are getting for it.

Fossil is only the first case, we also expect a Tag Heuer watch with android wear. Other big names who will use Intel Curie are Opening Ceremony, Barneys, and Luxottica Group (sunglasses).

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