Gone, a minimalist task manager that requires you to complete them in 24 hours

There are hundreds of systems and applications that will help us be more productive in our day to day. Today we are going to analyze a somewhat different option, betting on simplicity and that tasks are fulfilled as soon as possible.

Gone is a free tool that will require us to complete tasks in less than 24 hours. Otherwise, they will disappear. We could say that it is a kind of task manager Snapchat style.

They call themselves the “ephemeral task manager”, and they do not lack reason. Once we have created our account (it is totally free), we can access a list in which to add the tasks to be completed.

Its operation can not be simpler. We can go adding all the tasks that we want, and in the right part of each one an icon appears to be able to move them vertically.

When we have completed them, they will be crossed out, and we have the option to delete them manually. After 24 hours have elapsed since its creation, they will disappear, whether or not they have been completed.

There is a night mode, to help us preserve the health of our eyes. To activate it, simply press the moon that appears in the upper right.

Obviously, it is not a task manager that works for everyone. It is ideal for those looking for a tool that requires them to keep track of what they do each day, encouraging them not to leave things for the next day.

In addition, at the end of the week you will be offered a summary that details the total of tasks, how many you have completed and how many you have left unfilled. I imagine that, depending on the success of the platform, they will decide whether to launch mobile applications or integrate new features into Gone.

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