Make sure that you don’t Get a Puppy from a Bad Breeder

During lockdown many people have decided that it is a great time to add a puppy to their lives. Because they are at home all the time it is a good time to get to grips with the first few intense weeks of having a new pup, but as demand has soared, unfortunately so have unethical breeding practises.

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Before getting a dog, it is important to get everything ready and do plenty of research – many people spend time searching for the perfect food, best vets and even puppy accessories like these designer dog collars but many are not aware of the amount of puppy farms and bad breeding practises that happen in the UK.

Here are a few ways that you can spot something is not quite right and remember a good breeder will be happy to answer questions and will never pressure you into buying one of their dogs…

If they do not let you see the parents this is definitely something that rings alarm bells. A good breeder will at least have the mother there with the puppies so if you cannot see the mother and they make excuses then walk away.

If the living conditions are not good this is another sign that the puppies are probably not being cared for as they should be. They should be clean and comfortable, as well as having access to food as well as clean water.

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If the breeder tells you the puppies can leave before they are 8 weeks old, then this is another big warning sign. Puppies should not be removed from their mother before this age as it is essential to their health and development.

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