Offices with grubby areas that are often overlooked

It’s time to let in some fresh air when the sun starts shining more in the spring. The layers of dirt and dust that have accumulated over the winter will be more apparent. You remember those places that you always forget to clean. Spring is the perfect time to clean those areas that are hard to reach or forgotten. Customers and clients will be able to notice them immediately. Here are some areas that often get forgotten:

Space behind the printers and photocopiers

Look behind the printer. Heavy duty printers, copiers and scanners emit small particles which, if not cleaned up, will build-up underneath and behind them.

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Skirting boards

Would the skirting be clean if you ran your finger over them? This dust is circulating through the air if you have a HVAC system at your office. For Office Cleaning Gloucester, visit

Ceiling tiles

These might not seem important, as no one looks up, right? If you have acoustic ceiling tiles, their texture can attract dust. This is especially true near air vents, which are very susceptible to staining.

Light Fixtures

You’ll be aware that fluorescent strip lights are the most popular places for bugs to hide. The wall and desk lights can also collect dust which will dull their brightness. A good wipe down would be beneficial.


The walls can become very dirty, but they are not always included in the cleaning routine. The surface of textured walls or wallpaper is more likely to attract dust. Walls near doors and areas with heavy traffic are the first to become dirty.

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Picture frames

There will be a layer on top of the picture if it is hung. If there are fingerprints or a film on the glass of frameless artwork, it is worth wiping over.

Kitchen area

Anyone recently pulled out the fridge or checked underneath the microwave? Someone has to do this dirty job. Who knows what lurks there?


No matter whether the foliage is real or artificial, cobwebs seem to collect on it. Artificial plants may have been in an office for years. You should replace real plants if they have died or are dying, with browning leaves falling off.


Do you see any stains that are questionable or dull patches on your upholstery? Your upholstery could benefit from a steam cleaning.

Office chairs

Do not forget the base of the chair and the castors as they are susceptible to dust and dirt buildup from shoes in the winter. Steam cleaning upholstery is useless if the castors remain dirty.

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