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You want to know some of the most important corners of the autonomous region of Madrid (Spain)? This destination is made up of towns and landscapes of most attractions to visit do you all going to lose?

Summer is the perfect time to leave the four walls of our home and discover other worlds, located beyond the limits of our city. If you are thinking about embarking on a trip of this size, we suggest renting a caravan and move with all the amenities to the destination of your interest. In this case, we propose to travel to Madrid. Once you get there, do not miss the following points…

Travel to MadridWhat to see in the Community of Madrid?

  1. Alcala de Henares. It is one of nine Spanish cities named by UNESCO ‘World Heritage City’. Through it have passed different cultures left their mark, among which the Roman. Complutum, it was called the city that created the empire, still present through the archeological remains preserved and worth seeing. It is also famous its university, the hill, several convents and appealing cuisine.
  2. Manzanares el Real. It has a great historical and artistic heritage which stands the Castle of the Mendoza. Settlements of all ages have passed through these lands, reaching up cave paintings discovered in the area. It is advisable to visit the Yelmo, Old Castle, Swamp Santillana and the Regional Park of the Manzanares River Upper Basin.
  3. Chinchon. Located south of the Community of Madrid, this town of nearly 6,000 inhabitants reflects its Roman, Muslim and Christian influence structure. A very attractive mix complete with a visit to Chinchon Castle, the Clock Tower, the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption or the Castle of the Counts among other places. Nor should we stop going to the Plaza Mayor and if you like good meat, lamb enjoys doing these lands, you will not regret.
  4. Miraflores de la Sierra. Its landscape surrounded by mountains invite tranquility and reflection. In addition to this, you have to visit sites such as the Grotto of Our Lady of BegoƱa, the Fountain-Monument ‘Uncle Francachela’ Pedrezuela reservoir or path Cascade of Purgatory.
  5. Cercedilla. Located in the Sierra de Guadarrama, is a perfect place to spend time in summer, since it ‘s not so hot. At this time it is the perfect place for hiking and enjoy nature at its best place. You can choose entity ‘La Ruta de la Calzada Romana’, ‘The Route of the Viewpoints’, various viewpoints, Prairie Navarrulaque … and other activities for the whole family as the Train of Nature.
  6. Aranjuez. His wealth is in the historical and artistic heritage that has, well maintained well. Although in summer the heat is pressing, the amount of gardens and fountains makes it possible to cope better cooling and sheltering in the shade.There is much to visit, but among the most important we can highlight the Royal Palace, the Casa del Labrador, the Royal Church of San Antonio, the train station, the Garden Island (and its aviary), the Prince ‘s Garden and Chinescos pond.

This is just a small sample of all the treasures offered by the Community of Madrid and you can easily visit in the caravans offers you a business and Motorhome Republic. We recommend this company for the fact that, beyond professionalism, no booking fees, very cheap prices, free changes in the vast majority of rents.

What do you think Madrid to travel this summer with the selection of sites that you just described?

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