Travel advice for campers during lockdown

Summer was on course for success prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus which originated in China and made its way across Europe, eventually arriving in the UK. This coronavirus destroyed many summer plans and holidaymakers were left disappointed as hotels closed and flights were cancelled. Campers were asked to avoid camping during the COVID-19 lockdown as it was in breach of the guidance in place.

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Respect social distancing and act responsibly

Since July 4, campsites have been open in England, and campers have been asked at all times to respect social distancing and act responsibly. In Scotland since July 3, self-contained accommodation with private facilities has been open for business. And since July 15, campsites with shared facilities have been available to book. In Wales, self-contained accommodation opened in mid July, while general camping with shared facilities opened in August. Northern Ireland swung into action a little earlier, with campsites open since June 26.

Sites are adhering to the government’s guidelines

With campsites reopened for business, all sites will be adhering to the government’s ‘COVID-19 Secure’ guidelines. Following this will enable guests to maintain social distancing. Now that lockdown measures are easing, travel plans are coming to fruition and campers are happy. With staycations the norm, many people are looking forward to enjoying a break nearer home.

If equipment is required on holiday in Ireland, camping shops Ireland wide will have everything you need for your camping journey. From backpacks, to jackets and footwear suited to the outdoors, camping shops Ireland are aimed at both the novice explorer and the experienced adventurer.

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Wear a face covering if social distancing is difficult to achieve

You won’t be expected to wear a face covering while camping in your tent, or around your own area containing the campfire. However it is polite and good practice to wear a face covering in any indoor settings you may encounter, such as convenience stores, and other places in which it proves difficult to physically distance from other people.

The best part about a camping holiday is that it should be one of the safest types of breaks to enjoy right now. You have access to all your own facilities and with the focus on the outdoors, you should encounter few instances where you will find large crowds. The advice is to continue to wash your hands and maintain good hygiene at all times.

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