Three Things to Check Before an MOT Test

An MOT is a legal requirement for most cars, and it helps to ensure that the vehicles that are on the roads in the UK are safe to be used. You need to book in your car for an MOT test each year at somewhere like this MOT Gloucester based company Before your car is due for an MOT there are some checks that you can do to make it more likely to pass. There are some things that cars can fail an MOT test for that are easy to sort out yourself.

Tyres – The tyres play an important part in the safety of your vehicle as they keep you in contact with the road. You can check the tread of the tyres yourself to ensure that it is within the legal limit and also check that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.

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Windscreen – The windscreen needs to be clear as you need to see the road when driving. Make sure that it is clear from any obstructions. You also need to make sure that it is clean and that your wipers are working. You also need to check that there is screen wash in the correct place.

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Lights – The lights on your car keep you and other road users safe when you are driving at night and also help you to communicate with other motorists by using indicators and brake lights, so it is vital that they work properly. You can check your lights and change the bulbs if they are not working.

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