How to find a job as a virtual PA

Being a virtual PA offers opportunities for individuals to work for themselves, achieve variety in their working day, or obtain a second income alongside another full- or part-time job; however, finding a virtual PA role is not always easy.
What is a virtual PA?

A virtual PA offers a range of business services, from meeting management to answering calls and copy-typing. Most individuals working as a virtual PA can do so in their own time from home, which is why it is particularly attractive to people with care responsibilities or who are looking for a second income.

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Finding work as a virtual PA can be tricky. A good place to start is to join a reputable company, such as, that brings together those looking for work with those looking for a virtual PA. Other options include advertising in the local area and contacting companies that are recruiting heavily to see whether they would consider outsourcing.

Considerations for a virtual PA

Anyone who is looking to work as a virtual PA needs to not only consider how they are going to offer their services and earn their living but also how they are going to manage their business. Most companies that operate as a platform for virtual PA services to be offered and for customers to find the best virtual PA for their needs will require the individual to be self-employed; therefore, any new virtual PA will need to consider the legal implications of running a business and registering with HMRC appropriately.

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There are many advantages to being a virtual PA, including flexibility and an opportunity to be your own boss; however, you must get the regulations in place from the start to ensure all aspects are accounted for.

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