Three Ideas for Achieving That Retro Chic Look

When looking to re-furnish a home or invest in a few new items, many people are turning to the retro look. There are various ways you can achieve a retro style, from buying new reproduction items to treating existing furniture to give tables and chairs a traditional antique finish. Retro chic is bang on trend, and there are a number of ways to achieve the vintage look in your own home this season. Read on to discover some simple tips for embracing retro chic.

Retro Chic Look

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1. Natural Wood Floors

The floor is one of the most important parts of the house, and the material it is made from says a lot about the style and age of the property. Carpets are found in most homes, but revealing the floorboards is a great way to get the retro look. You can cover floorboards with elegant rugs to give more warmth and cosiness. Of course, fitting wooden floors afresh can be costly, as this article explains, but if you shop around you can usually get a good deal on many wooden floors, including ash, cherry, maple, beech, walnut and oak.

2. Colour Choices

The retro look can also be created effectively with the right use of colour. When thinking about colour in home decorating, you need to consider how it can affect mood, as discussed in this BBC article. Colour is also a good way to bring a vintage feel to life, so think about pastel shades in yellow or blue for kitchen cabinets.

3. Vintage Accessories

If you are on a budget or don’t have the time to invest in a total refurb, you can add a vintage touch with simple accessories. Hanging dried flowers on the wall and displaying vintage crockery and other kitchen accessories can add to the feeling of old-fashioned charm. You can also add a couple of smaller pieces of reproduction designer furniture, such as an odd chair or side table, from a store such as, as retro cool is all about eclectic pieces.

Patchwork also works well for a vintage look in the bedroom, especially with bedspread and quilts, while various sizes of framed photos, prints and paintings placed at different levels on the walls also give an interesting retro vibe that works well in every room.

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