Save money by planning and buying ahead for those spring 2016 DIY jobs

Once Christmas is out of the way, it is time to looking ahead to the new year. While it may not be time yet to start on your 2016 DIY jobs, planning what you are going to tackle can be hugely beneficial. Not only can you spread the cost by starting to buy the materials you need but also you can begin to schedule your planned works and make sure you have allocated sufficient time. What are the key jobs you might consider?

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Clear your guttering

After a long winter your gutters and drainpipes may have become clogged with leaves and other debris. Take advantage of the drier spring weather to give them a good clear out. Any cracked or damaged pipes and guttering should be replaced. It is also worth giving your drains a through clean at the same time to ensure that water can drain away easily and safely.

Attend to your fences

Poor weather throughout the winter may have had a detrimental effect on your property’s fencing. Any sections that have blown down should be repaired and secured back into position. Replace any panels that have been damaged beyond repair to make sure your perimeter is secure. If you have opted for wooden fencing, treat this with wood preservative once the weather is dry enough.

Watch your windows

A long damp winter may have revealed leaks or cracks in your windows, which can cause significant water damage inside your house. Repair sills and check whether there are panes, frames or windows that need to be replaced. This job can be quite expensive, so plan ahead to budget effectively.

Checking your boiler

The last thing you need is for your boiler to break down when the weather turns cold, so book a service for the spring. If there are any parts that are coming to the end of their life or your central heating system needs replacing, this will all be done in good time. Brighton boiler repairs from companies such as Glowzone can be carried out throughout the year to get you ready for the colder weather.

Planning your major DIY works in good time helps you to prepare your budget, save money, and complete all the necessary tasks for the year ahead.

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