When you need a bit of power call on Denso

One of the most widely used suppliers of car parts is that of the Denso corporation. If you drive a Honda, Lexus,Toyota or Subaru it’s very likely that something constructed and engineered by Denso is sitting in the engine somewhere. If it is a fuel injection system then you are in luck as an Injector Reconditioning Northern Ireland based firm like https://odsautomotive.co.uk/injector-services-armagh/ are more than capable of servicing it for you.

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It’s no surprise that your Toyota has a bit of Denso in there because they were once owned by the Japanese car making giant. Toyota still owns a bit of it, twenty five percent to be precise, but they are not the biggest customer of Denso. When they split away from Toyota, Denso was able to expand their market out to other manufacturers and open up operations outside of Japan to North America and Europe. They have plans to advance into India and Mexico as well.

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Toyota certainly made good use of their association with Denso when it came to Motorsport. Using the experience and technical knowhow of the Denso engineers they were able to create a winning Le Mans entrant in the shape of the GT1 winning consecutively in 1998 and 1999. Following this success they moved into Formula 1 until 2009 having some moderate success but nothing that would challenge the established teams like Ferrari or Mclaren. Denso products continue to be hugely successful.

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