Searching for a Perfect Plot of Land to Build your Dream Home

If you are fed up with looking for your ideal home and have decided that instead you will build one and make sure that you get the home that you really want, you may be wondering where to start with it all.

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Well for most people, unless they already have a piece of land that they own that is suitable for building on, they will need to find a plot. It is also important to use planning maps from when buying a plot to check what you are able to build on there – it is no good purchasing a piece of land, only to find out that you can’t put a house that you want on it!

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There are many ways to go about hunting for a plot –  from looking online at specialists websites such as plot finder to asking around the local area. It is also worth considering buying a neglected building, which you can then demolish and use the land to build on.

It is also worth remembering when hunting for a plot, that land in the UK, especially in the west and south west of England is in short supply, so is therefore scarce as well as quite costly in some places. So be prepared that your perfect plot may not exist, and you may need to make a few compromises.

Before you begin your search, it is also a good idea to draw up a list of what it is that you require and what you would ideally like but are willing to make compromises on.

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