Product searches from mobile devices soar

Not the same call if you make good time on the beach the weekend which of the dozens of TVs of 43 inches in the market will buy. Searches for purchase via smartphones grew 34% in 2012 to 73% this year, according to a study Local on buying trends and their dependence on the environment.

Mobile devices are becoming a fabulous tool to save time online searching.In fact, more than half of the users, 56%, likes the ease with which the phones to quickly search and sort what they need; 49% said the facility to check return policies or to locate the reviews and criticisms of other consumers.

Product searches from mobile devices soarThe study also analyzes the role played by the mobile consumer behavior and the results shed considerable light on how to generate sales, when we talk about consumers who choose to buy at local businesses or have there are companies that are aware of this unstoppable trend, this year will launch mobile applications issued consumer alerts when there are discounts at local stores. The following will use voice technology to obtain that information.

Sherry Thomas-Zon, vice president of Local purchases, says there are already 60% of consumers when they want to buy a product, most often or very often perform the search from their mobile phones. The more imminent the purchase, is more extensive mobile phone use to seek information before deciding. If the purchase occurs within a maximum period of two days, 48% of consumers use their smartphone. But the ratio rises to 68% when the decision will be taken in just a few hours.

The smartphone has opened a wide range of possibilities to encourage purchases, provided that consumer access to all relevant information is given is claiming to be decided. For example, 76% of users seeking information about a store that you want to visit, read a restaurant or a bookstore in your neighborhood. And 68% use it to find deals and coupons for retail stores.

How long do companies have to convince them? The vast majority of the 1,000 study participants ensures that spends more than 15 minutes looking for the best price; and there is a significant 59% that makes online shopping and collect in the physical store to avoid shipping costs.

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