The test of the mile and a half training to complete in less than 11 minutes

A few days ago, in the live video we did on Facebook to answer your questions about the challenge of the 10 kilometers, came a curious question. Our reader Geovany Teran told us that he was preparing to enter the US Army and one of the tests I had to overcome to get in was to run half mile in less than 11 minutes.

Perhaps it is the case any more of our readers, or at least help us to know how to train a short distance we have to complete in a short time. Without further ado, let ‘s see what is the best way to train ourselves to overcome this test career.

The test of the mile and a half training to complete in less than 11 minutesTo pass the test of the mile and a half (are 2.41 kilometers ) in less than 11 minutes we would have to run at a steady pace of 5:23 min / km around 4:30 min / km. We know that this does not work well: usually from a lower rate in the first meters to go accelerating towards the end , and we need to handle us well below that rate to ensure that we overcome the test.

There are four types of training that can not be overlooked when training for this test:

  • Training background: the first thing we should do. We need a good aerobic background, even if it is a short test, on which we can work. Working our fund with longer runs (at least 5 kilometers) at a gentle pace will give us a good support for other types of training.
  • Training series is what will allow us to improve our speed. Short (below 600 meters) at a rapid pace and short recoveries series also are the most help us in this type of testing. Spend a day a week to make a training series as one 8×400 or 10×200 and remember that it is best to rest the next day to ensure good recovery.
  • Training slopes: training on slopes helps us work explosiveness and train the muscles of the legs. You can opt for short series in costs, such as 6×1 or 8×1 minute minute . Make sure you recover properly at the end of each difficult: you can jog down to a gentle pace to lower heart rate and prepare to climb again.
  • Training in the gym: do not leave aside the specific training of the muscles of the lower body and core. A great way to do this is based on exercises with jump that will help us improve our explosive force. The box jumps are a very good exercise to include in our training.

One day a week of each type of training is more than enough to overcome the test of the mile and a half, by how much time You run you?

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