Do Lipids are important in the diet?

Lipids or fats are organic biomolecules composed primarily of carbon and hydrogen and at much lower oxygen proportions. Lipids are important for diet and represent about 30% of what we eat.

Lipids are important in the diet because they fulfill some vital functions that cause the body to function properly. For example, they are necessary for the nervous system and the cardiovascular system does their job well.

Do lipids are important in the dietTypes of lipids

There are three types of lipids between foods: fats, phospholipids and cholesterol.

Saturated fats are those known as bad fats because when we consume too create problems in circulation and cholesterol disorders. Unsaturated fats are beneficial to health as regulate the evils that generate saturated.

Phospholipids are involved in the formation of the cell membrane.

And finally, cholesterol, which believe it or not demists functions in our body as enhance the synthesis of sex hormones or bile salts or be a pillar in the formation of the aforementioned cell membrane.

What are they lipids?

Lipids also surround our cells and provide structural support. They also help synthesize vitamins. In particular vitamins A, E, D and K are fat-soluble, so that without fats suitable body I can not absorb or transport them. Lipids are also a source of essential fatty acids, which are necessary for cellular processes and some have to do with the temperature regulation and blood clotting. Another function performed by lipids and just as important that the above is the protection of the organs, since the lining.

When we think or move, either a mild exercise or a simple walk to the bakery, our body uses to generate energy accumulated lipids. And it is that lipids are the main reservoir of energy in the body. However, the body prefers glucose consumed before when intense exercise as it is a fuel of higher quality.

As we are seeing, they are irreplaceable for our body so it is absolutely necessary that the lipids are present in our diet.

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