Breathe better in times of allergies

As a sufferer of seasonal allergies for years, I know how uncomfortable and disabling it can become and how existing medication I caused some side effects, at least to me, left me 50%.

When I decided to take charge of my health, examine my habits and remove excess dairy products from my diet (which increase mucus) that began to improve.

Breathe better in times of allergiesI also found some tricks and strategies that can perhaps be of help if you’re passing through the peak these days:

  • If you have to travel by car do with the windows closed and the anti pollen filter installed so the air entering your car filters.
  • Wear sunglasses that will prevent the dust and pollen directly into your eyes.
  • Clean frequently your nose with sea water to keep your nose clean and moisturized
  • Keep windows closed at home as long as possible and passes the vacuum cleaner at least twice a week. If possible filter Available.
  • If you clean the dust with a cloth that is damp to trap him better.
  • If you have air conditioning at home it is convenient to use it because it has filters that prevent entry of pollen.
  • Wash your hair at night to clean the pollen that has accumulated during the day and can rest better.

You do not stop to enjoy life! It is important to know the time of pollination of the species to which you are allergic.

Prevention better than cure

The prevention begins by cleaning the entrance of the allergen: the nose. In addition to helping to breathe and smell, nostrils are responsible for cleaning and filtering the air, heated and humidified before it enters the body. Not maintain proper care, compromises the quality of the air we breathe increasingly high pollution.

The nasal washes are recommended for proper nasal hygiene. If the water is hard irrigated got drag and eliminate particulate pollutants and allergens. In addition, we humidification nostrils and help remove excess mucus.

For this spring nasal congestion will not prevent breathing life, uses a solution of seawater, which in addition to decongestant, cleanses and moisturizes your nose.

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