Fingerprint identification on the bank of the future

One of the latest technologies that are today is biometrics, whose objective is that the devices are capable of recognizing an individual based on biological or behavioral traits. Entities such as Banco Sabadell reinforce the security of our operations from the fingerprint identification.

Biometric authentication systems play an essential role in protecting financial services. Advances in technology generated recent years bring us computers and devices with very precise methods of eye and face detection, both 2D and 3D. Not to mention all that mobile devices like the iPhone or iPad include fingerprint readers.

Fingerprint identification on the bank of the futureA step forward in the field of biometrics is found represented in the integration of speech recognition systems capable of analyzing up to 100 different characteristics as to be the tone or rhythm of speech to combat all forms of fraud.

The revolution that this type of technology not only affect the banking and financial institution but also to users. The latter enjoy greater comfort in not having to remember passwords, increase the perception of safety and speed up and facilitate the process.

Banco Sabadell, greater security in your operations account expansion

In this field, Banco Sabadell revolutionizes the concept of financial security by betting the maximum resources as, for example, fingerprint identification,possibly one of the most outstanding features of the new expansion account.Thanks to these services lag behind that series of secret numbers that you end up forgetting. No one can access your accounts, and you can access your profile from your own fingerprint. Once you activate this new option after logging in for the traditional method you will not have to retype any data for your future access.

Another benefit that brings you the account of Banco Sabadell expansion is related to the possibility of receiving up to 3% of the receipts of electricity, water, fixed and mobile telephony. Similarly, you can enjoy the return of 2% at gas stations Repsol and Campsa and if, as the account holder, have a pension, the bank also will pay the money into the account of the client, all 25 of each month.

On the other hand, you must not overlook the fact that all debit and credit cards are completely free, so you will not have to pay for their issuance. Alongside all this we note that this account represents 0 administration and maintenance fees. You will have a manager for what you need, enjoying a much more personalized attention. Thus, it is intended to improve the customer experience.

What do you think the fingerprint identification to reinforce the security of your banking?

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