The call will disappear and social networks will be replaced by forums

The customer ends up becoming the company brand and what differentiates the company from the competition

Profiles and different expectations make online businesses adopt tools that customer to the needs of its users. Hence the multichannel strategy is most appropriate so that they can properly address.

The call will disappear and social networks will be replaced by forumsSo says Jaume Riutord, adding that “it is possible that in some online sectors call by call center disappear” and that “will move further towards social networks and systems forums and communities”. In many companies this service does not work and can become one of the main business costs when the user is not able to contact the company or distrust it not knowing who is behind an online business or if it may be a fraud. So optimize customer service is essential, eventually it becomes the company brand and one of the points that makes the difference over the competition.

“The 3 keys to good customer service are the multichannel attention, fast response time and protocols for action and response well – defined,” says Riutord, adding that “in 60% of cases, the main reason that the customer uses the phone to know who is behind an online business and if you can trust him. ” The main questions are about availability and delivery times of products.

The founder of the company explains that attention over the phone carries a high cost, increased wear and less flexibility than in the case of email or social networks. That is why only be enhanced if it is really necessary. In cases where the business does not require immediate responses it is advisable to use media as social networks or sending internal messages from the same web. If it comes to an online store, the phone will be the most suitable to answer questions, for example, arising during the purchasing process and get more confidence and lose fewer sales environment.

As for care through social networks like Twitter or Facebook must take into account that in many cases the information given are exposed publicly, so it is even more important to be extremely accurate and respectful. Another aspect to consider is the response time, the recommendation is that does not exceed 2 hours, especially during working hours. Live chat can be a good option for eCommerce. In fact, a study published by Econsultancy showed that 24% of customers who have opportunity uses and 74% of them are satisfied.

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