Building a Well-Balanced Life

In a frenetic modern world, most of us are seeking ways to build a healthy, happy and balanced life. Here we look at some top ways of achieving that perfect equilibrium.

Building a Well-Balanced Life

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Eat Well

Everyone knows that a good diet lies at the heart of good health. Make sure you eat food in its natural state wherever possible, prioritising vegetables, fruits, protein and healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, avocados and olive oil. Minimise processed food, sugar in all added forms and excess salt. Remember to drink plenty of water every day, and get at least five portions of fruit and vegetable, with an emphasis on the vegetables. You will rapidly look and feel so much better and avoid the damaging sugar highs and lows that can rapidly send you off balance.  You can also see out supplements from local health shops and stores, like Blue Iron who produce and sell iron supplements.


We all need to exercise every day in some form, whether that’s just something as simple as going for a walk outdoors. Outdoor exercise also has the benefit of giving you a vitamin D infusion, which is a powerful mood booster and bone strengthener. It also helps to regulate the hormones which balance your entire body. Choose strength-building exercises and don’t overdo high-intensity cardiovascular work, which can stress the body. Try regular gentle exercise with plenty of stretching and strengthening. Weight lifting is a superb choice for men and women and leads to powerful hormonal benefits as the endocrine system responds to muscle development and heart benefits. Another great mood balancer is swimming, which has a meditative effect.
Take Time Out

Remember to make time for yourself every day. Meditation is an age-old technique for balancing your mind, and anyone can do it. You can simply pay attention as you walk – a form of active meditation – or pay attention to your breath. Some people watch a candle or hum a sound. Experiment with different approaches or join a meditation group to enjoy guided meditation. Also find hobbies that take you offline. Digital excess can leave us all feeling wired and stressed. Read offline, spend time with your loved ones, enjoy a bath or simply sit outside for a while with a cup of tea. Find what works for you and be religious about making time for it.

So these are four areas to prioritise when thinking about your health and safeguarding your mood. What are your favourite approaches to balancing your mood and staying happy and healthy?

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