If we want to know the consumer has no choice but to go through the mobile

One of the challenges to be faced marks every day is to connect with the consumer and, for this, must have previously done their homework (and made them very good) and know so well to their partners. Brands have to know who they talk to and have to manage well their expectations, their interests and what they believe should be required element for companies. Brands have to live up to what consumers expect from them.

For good consumers, brands have to dip into the stage in which these consumers move. That is, if you want to know what consumers want and what they really want and they will have to use the tools they are using every day. Therefore, to understand the consumer has no choice but to give increasingly important to mobile. Brands will have to include mobile significantly in your marketing strategy and will have to use it as a guide to follow and understand consumer interests.

If we want to know the consumer has no choice but to go through the mobileSo I just said Chris Bacon, vice president of research quality and innovation of the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), as stated Warc, but the fact is that his words and data that supports them are nothing more than a kind of invitation to reflect and an element to convince brands that mobile is crucial to its future strategy. Mobiles are a key source of information and a key to analyze and draw conclusions on consumers.

“Where are your customers of tomorrow? They are connected on mobile devices. If we want to understand what consumers are thinking of tomorrow and how to communicate with them, we need to use mobile phones to talk to them,” – said the expert.

Key to the new consumer groups

The mobile is especially valuable addition to meet new consumers and to understand the demographic groups who are most stuck to brands. In fact, according to data handled in the ARF, consumers who use these devices are especially millennials. 49% of those responding to brands from the smartphone are millennials, people under 34 years. The figures are also a sign of an upward trend. The numbers show a rise of 50% compared to that achieved in 2003 and are also much higher than can be associated with other demographic group’s best known brands. For example, the response of millennials is four times higher than that of the baby boomers.

But the phones not only help understand the millennials. According to the study, they are very valuable and very good at connecting with those consumers generally belonging to demographic that brands still have to strive to understand and which are groups, however, which are driving growth in some markets, as with multicultural consumers (the study is American and that this consumer market is especially valuable for brands because it is growing much in demographic weight but brands are not yet able to understand very well).

And key to understanding the changes

But also mobile devices not only serve as a key to understanding what consumers want or expect, but they are also a much more active element in the reality of these new consumers. That is, the phones are themselves protagonists of the changes and are they who are leading the consumer behavior is changed.

In fact, as notes a study of Euclid and Harris Poll, the smartphone has not only become an inseparable part of our daily habits but has also modified our habits and has made new brands things are required. The mobile has even created new elements apart in the market and added new layers of complexity to the demographic strategy. Thus, men see mobile as a tool to gain in convenience and speed while women see it as a key to personalization.

And this, therefore, has had an even greater when remember the brands that cannot forget the moving effect. Not only is the mobile allows knowing better the consumer but also makes it almost impossible not to take this into account in order to connect with the buyer and do well.

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