Decorate with … books!

There are homes that have several decorative common elements, but one that is rarely needed, and even some advise flee those who lack them! Books Accumulate books of all kinds is not only a love of reading, but ends up becoming hopelessly in another part of our decor, very important ingredient of our personality. So there comes a time when not enough to spend a few shelves to our literary collection, but must learn to symmetrization with the house.

Decorate with ... books!Theory or practice

The main dilemma start giving an order to our books is to see if the space available allows us to do a purely aesthetic manner that favors domestic set but not necessarily as practical (e.g. categorize books by color of its cover to create a color mural), or else we must seize the little room we have the most and find the most functional especially for time to find a copy in particular classification. This last option is closer to encoder mode libraries or libraries: alphabetical order, by author, by size, by subject, by gender, by age, by language, etc

Unexpected roles

On another occasion I explained how to set up a reading corner itself, even in homes where there seems to be no space for that purpose. Today I reiterate that any place can be good to devote to this pleasure, and must break with the belief that the library can only be in the lounge or, if any, in the office. Place books in unexpected places can transform the house: in the kitchen cupboards storage of utensils is not incompatible with books, including those who are not recipes; in the bathroom a small shelf with literature can help entertain the dead times; on a shelf in the hallway can be a genuine letter; in a very long corridor, will provide splashes of color; and even on the terrace, yes, well protected, multiply the relaxation of your time outdoors.

References and referrals

Decorating with books is also a declaration of intentions, because we have our literary collection saved for personal use, but show it to all who visit us and even we glad we simply contemplating the view. It is customary to choose open shelves, large modules, or opt for the use of any gap is likely to become reading corner: side tables , stools with lower trunk, etc. A great idea is to go beyond the books themselves as decorative piece and show how they fill us, transferring some of them to another format: frame and form a mural collage with the covers of our favorite novels, choose phrases or fragments we like a lot and place them on the wall, painted, vinyl, on a blackboard, in a picture … Any shape is suitable for maximum customization of our home.

Another idea of unexpected uses is to give the volumes functions beyond themselves, even replacing functions that would normally be performed by other elements: books with a square to form small shelves, stacks of books as the basis for tables, pages to paper furniture old, novels combined in a large headboard … the only limit is your imagination!

I hope I have encouraged and continue to love reading your books inspired to integrate decoration. Thanks for reading me!

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