New data show that only 1 in 10 online consumers prefer to buy mobile

There is no doubt that mobile devices play an important role in the process.Instead, when it comes to confirming the order, not end to convince consumers who prefer to opt for other means.

This is reflected in the report UPS and comScore, where it shows that, despite the significant growth of mobile commerce in the last year, only 10% of customers who buy online choose mobile as their preferred device.

MCommerce grew 23% during 2013, and it looks to continue its development in the coming years. However, it still has a lot to improve, to become a preferred option for consumers.

New data show that only 1 in 10 online consumers prefer to buy mobileAccording to the survey, conducted among 5,800 online consumers, who bought at least 2 times in the last three months, 44% of these consumers is committed to the traditional computer to formalize their purchases online.

As core values to opt for pc, compared to smart devices, respondents highlighted the ability to easily access the full information about the product, as well as increased size and image quality.

Instead, when it comes to finding information on the Internet about what customers are interested in buying, consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices. 20% of respondents use these devices to get more information about products that interest you. A behavior in which the importance of tablets (11%) and smartphones (10%) equates

Another important aspect in the case of buying habits and finding information is the relationship between physical stores and online environment. The study indicates that buyers prefer to search online to end up buying at the store (13%), rather than looking in stores and make your online (7%) order.

The study delves into the reasons that bring guests who visited physical store to buy online. Among them, 64% said it was not yet time to buy; 62% wanted to continue to expand product information; 61% preferred to bring him home the product lie that 60% said it was a gift, and wanted to be sent online.

Also it highlighted in the reports the advantages that drive customers to buy online. 80% would like to save shipping costs. This condition influenced 93% of cases, such as increasing the amount of the purchase (58%), or wait to receive the shipment (50%). Undoubtedly, it is a good measure to boost online sales. 57% of these customers would be willing to wait up to three days to receive your order, if not have to pay the costs.

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